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Welcome to InstaCraft's Website And Donation Store! 

Looking to join us ingame? Connect with

( ) as your ip!


Usernames are CaSe SenSITIve. Please make sure you spell your name correctly and that you are online when you donate!


About Us!

InstaCraft comes straight from the minds of one experienced server owner, his team and the people that make up our community. Here we strive for excellence as we progress further in our adventures with new technology, constant growth and so much more! It takes a well oiled team to run a server, even though this is Minecraft, not all of it is fun and games. We spend countless nights coding, resolving issues and updating our systems just for you guys! Alongside of all of the things we do behind the scenes, the thing that we put right up front is our support team. Please feel free to scroll down to the "Contact Us" section and shoot us an email because here at InstaCraft, we love to help! 


Terms And Conditions

Here you may purchase EULA compatible items to enhance your experience on InstaCraft. Whether you want commands, Items or ranks this is the place to get them. These items are purely cosmetic, they only affect how your rank in the chat looks and they allow you to unlock perks with real currency instead of unlocking them with ingame currency. If you do decide to donate, we would like to give you a BIG thank you because you are keeping the wheels of InstaCraft turning! Please read our terms and conditions below.

Mojang is NOT in association with InstaCraft. We are STANDALONE and Mojang is not responsible for any of our actions. All donations to the server are directly sent to the founder of InstaCraft ( QuadFeed ). Mojang and Buycraft are not to be held responsible for any actions taken by me. By donating you understand that there are no refunds under any circumstance. If you have any issues regarding the server you can contact us at ( )

1) You are donating towards helping the server stay online.

2) Because you donated, we give you privileges, included but not limited to; commands, items, ranks, etc. 

3) You do not have an entitlement to the items listed above, but it is a mere privilege. As these are not rights, these can be revoked due to poor use.

4) These privileges may be revoked at the jurisdiction of the server staff at their discretion, but you will be notified if and why. 

5) These are DIGITAL items, and you will understand that there will be no refunds, nor compensation for anything.

6) If you do not read the terms and conditions, you are still held liable to them, even if you checked the box without reading these.

7) If you are suspected of fraud you will be PERMANENTLY banned from our services. If there is a chargeback or dispute opened, you will be temporarily banned until the matter is cleared up.

8) If there are any questions based on these terms, send an email to ( ) and an administrator will try to figure things out as soon as possible!

Contact Us

If you would like to reach our customer service team at ANY time please send an email to ( ) or add us on Skype at (InstaCraft). Please allow one to two days for our team to contact you. Most of us are still in school and have things to do outside of Minecraft.